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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Update: Sock Wars and other things

My assasin has officially been listed as dead (woo-hoo!) and has mailed off her SIP (the socks destined to kill me) to her assasin, who is about 3 people above her in the chain. That means I have a little time, as they have to get to her, she has to finish them, then they have to get to me. Since I mailed socks to my latest target on Monday, the same day she mailed socks to her target, and her target already has SIP from her victim, I have a chance to kill again before I die, assuming target's target doesn't finish the SIP today or tomorrow, and is good about getting the SIP in the mail to me. Otherwise, I'll have to wait until target's target's target's target dies and sends SIP to me, assuming she knows to do so. (She should; I imagine target's target will send my info with the socks.)

Confused yet? :-)

The other news is that I have FINALLY finished the cross-stitch for my mother! Hooray! Only a year in the making, it should have been done long ago, but I have this bad habit of stopping working on things if I miss the deadline. Ah, well, it's done now. Next step is to take it to the French Hand Laundry, to have it properly cleaned, then have it framed, so I can take it down to my mom's the next time we go--whenever that is.

Think I might use the yarn I bought to make socks for myself to make socks for my mom, but haven't completely decided yet. And realized the yarn that I bought to make slippers for Kate's husband John for Christmas just won't do; haven't yet decided what to do about that, though.

Oh, and, from traffic on the parents' list from Sam's school, I have determined that, while they want the kids to make their own Halloween costumes, wearing ones you already have is fine, which is quite a relief, as the Halloween carnival is this Saturday. Whew!

Really need to get started on the "making the quilt" part of Sam's Princesses quilt. Finished stitching the Princesses months ago.....

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