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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Odds and Ends

First, I finished the cap for the christening gown: profile, front, back
I think it's adorable, and it was cheap and fast to make, once I got the design figured out.

Second, finally heard from target #2 in Sock Wars! She said she sent her socks out right away and she has no idea why they aren't here yet. But she also said that she had only knitted about an inch of ribbing, so I'm not costing myself all that much work by not using her beginnings. Besides, I think I'll use her yarn for myself, as it sounds lovely: black shading into rose! How did she know what colors I normally wear to work out in? :-) So, I will finish with the white wool, and dye it with Kool-Aid, and I think honor will be satisfied and I will be able to kill again.....

Next, got the knitting needles that I prattled about ordering and they are JUST like the ones I have loved for years! Yeah! They're available again! I may replace all my DPs with these, at least in the sizes they come in. Woo-hoo! Good tools are an artisan's joy.

Now, I'm trying to decide whether to bust a gut trying to make a costume for my daughter for a wedding that we are attending this weekend (one of the last of the Sewing Circle Ladies who is still single). Guests are invited to wear historical costume, but Sam has grown out of all of her stuff (except the Viking stuff, and that's not particularly festive), and I had bought a Regency Girl's Dress pattern, which is pretty simple, and I have the fabric, but am not sure that I will have the time, especially when I have a half-finished pair of Socks of Doom staring at me. So, I cut the fabric for the slip this morning, and brought the fabric for the dress to work with me, so I can cut it at lunch. My friend Trina has a sewing machine in her office (don't ask) which I can probably borrow, so I can probably get a good bit of it done after work today, before I head off to my shrink. BUT, would it be better to use that time knitting SoD or rushing to finish the dress? I think I can get the dress with no frills done by the weekend, but I'm also unsure if kids are even invited; I was taking her as a default, as we had no one to sit her, and I'm not sure I am comfortable leaving her at the weekend-daycare place for as long as this will take (long drive to and from, wedding, reception, etc.) So, I'm conflicted.

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