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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

In the interum.....

...since I can't be knitting to kill someone, I finished up the christening gown for Chris and Christy's egglette-to-be. Understand that this is, as the one I made for my daughter was, a costume, not a ritual gown. That is, I don't think it will be used for a christening, but worn to various period events. As such, I can't think it sacreligious for a pagan to make it.

Anyway, finished the dress and slip, and have them in the mail. The cap was fighting with me, so it will go separately; I wanted to make sure the dress and slip made it to them in time for the shower this weekend.

First pic is an overall shot of the dress,
then a close-up of the front of the bodice (that's an egg motif in the center front, which is Christy's symbol; I thought it was a nice touch . Click on the pic to get a better look), then a close-up of the back of the bodice, with %$@#@! pleats, that never work right in this gossamer fabric. Lastly, we have an overall view of the slipand a close-up of the back of the slip, because I just love those tiny little heart buttons.

And, being both a mom and an anal soul, I made sure of several things: since most babies spend most of their time on their backs, the buttons are all flat, not shank, and those in the slip are offset from those in the dress, to minimize the lumps. The waist of the slip is below the waist of the dress, so the fullness comes in layers. None of the lace or fabric is scratchy or rough. Also, the gown is adjustable, to accomodate growing babies. And, lastly, it is washable; I washed Sam's in the machine, but it might last longer hand washed.

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