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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sock Wars! Round Two

My target, talkingnerdy, was a good egg and sent her in-progress socks Priority Mail, so I got them on Wednesday. She has turned both heels, so I only have the (size 13!) foot to finish. However, she knit REALLY TIGHT! She used worsted instead of DK and size 6 needles to get the right gauge; I had to drop down to size *3* needles to get the same gauge! AND pull the yarn really tight. Yikes! My hands were tired after only half an hour of knitting this way. This is NOT going to go as fast as the first pair! I'm so glad she got as far as she did!

We'll see if I can finish these in time to mail them tomorrow. Otherwise, I'll movie-up Friday night until they're done.

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