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Friday, September 29, 2006

Aaaaand OUT the door they go!

So! Tight tension not withstanding, the second pair of International Socks of Doom are out the door! (Finished them last night, Prioritied them out today; she should be dead by Monday.) I left in the waste yarn that my target put them on to send to me, so that the recipient could see how much each of her assassins had done. I thought it was interesting.

Oh! And my target received her socks and liked them. I think I forgot to mention that she works at Marshall Spaceflight Center and hit me up for a job when she found out I work at JPL. I'm forwarding her resume to folks in the propulsion section (that's what her thesis is on) and think it would be totally cool if she got a job because of Sock Wars!

Now, again the waiting......

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