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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sock Wars Update: STILL no socks-in-progress!

Harrumph! She has to have been dead for DAYS!!! She's only in San Francisco; I could have driven up there and back several times in the time I've been waiting! Gaaaagggghhhhh! I HATE waiting!

(What the hell am I going to do if I ever get a target outside the US? Have a coronary, it appears.....)

It's not as if I don't have other things to do. The cross-stitch for my mom (you know, for her 80th birthday that was in April of this year?) is oh-so-close to done, and I may have found a decent frame for it, so I could be working on that. And the christening gown is started, and has to be in the mail by the middle of next week to make it to the shower, so I NEED to be working on that. And I have stockings for Kate that are on the home stretch, and one more pair of mitts for the one of the Sewing Circle Ladies, AND started the shawl for me that I bought yarn for earlier this year, so I have several knitting projects that I could be working on, if I must knit.

But what I really want to do is kill someone! :-)

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