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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Realized that, though I've been updating stuff on Ravelry, I haven't posted a Project Status here in a while, so here we go:

Things recently finished:
  • Man Thong for an Unknown Marine: Oh, yeah! That'll be getting it's own post here, shortly. Especially since I agreed to do a second one for another unknown Marine AND my husband asked for one. Weird.
  • Barbie's Christmas dress: This was supposed to be done (as the name suggests) by Christmas, but I didn't even finish it for New Years. But it's done now, and my daughter was thrilled with it.
  • The Curly Scarf and the Curly Lacey Scarf, which you saw yesterday.
  • San Diego Chargers Scarf for my brother. Bought nice, expensive, custom-dyed yarn for this--then couldn't find a scarf pattern that played nice with it. May use that yarn for a hat, though I'm now leaning towards a pair of socks. Started again with a basic bi-color brioche stitch, with Vanna's Choice--and finished it just as the Chargers ended their season AND the cold weather went away. Sigh. Will ship it off to him anyway, just as soon as it comes out of the laundry.
  • Cheshire Cat Tea Cozy: (face; side) the Hubster specifically asked for this for Christmas. Because of the Great Christmas Flu, I didn't finish it for the day, but got it done on New Year's Day. Not happy with the smile; have, in fact, taken that one off and am making one that is skinnier, pointier, and curvier. We'll see how I like that. I like the fact that I made the head removable; originally, it was so that the cozy itself could be washed w/o destroying the felt eyes and smile, but I also realize it makes for some great practical jokes.....
  • Another silly tea cozy: was going to try to sell the pattern for this, but it didn't come out nearly as cute as I wanted. I finally realized that the same proportion disconnect that made the tail on the Cheshire Cat look wrong was at the heart of my unhappiness with this one, as well. Have had some other ideas, so I may end up posting a picture of this one, since I don't think it would sell well.
  • Not a knitting thing, but I finally got a graphic made for things that I can't yet post pictures of, because I'm selling or entering the pattern in contests. This is to distinguish them from those projects where I simply forget to take a picture. (Why is this an important distinction? Dunno.)
Things recently (or very soon to be) started:
  • The second Man Thong: this one is being knitted in white, and I will cook it in coffee so that it comes out beige or khaki. However, if it is for the hottie with the pink piggie beanie, I'm definitely dying it pink! Just cast on today, but they don't take very long...
  • A sweater to match the Muppet that I knit for my daughter for Christmas. The new one is for the American Girl doll Santa brought her. Am about 70% done with it, and I like how it's coming out.
  • Finally got both the yarn and the go-ahead on the pattern for the hat-and-scarf combo I'm making for my friend's daughter's school's auction basket. (I'm definitely saying "NO!" next year; but, that's what I said last year.....) It's supposed be to the school by Feb. 1, so that means it has to be to her before that, which means it has to be done before that. Yipe. I'm a little concerned, because it takes a lot of knitting, and it is slow knitting (like lots of ribbing) as it is reversible cables. Fleet be my fingers!
  • Chris' German Stockings: Lovely Cookie A pattern that I'm itching to get into; kind of on the back burner, because I've missed so many (self-imposed) deadlines for it. Hope to finish these before Sock Madness starts, or possibly while waiting for Round 1 to end and Round 2 to begin. (We all went a little nuts at that point last year, as I recall.) I'm doing them in Knit Picks Bare Fingering weight Superwash Merino, and I think they will be lovely. (Also have two more pair of these to do, one in Knit Picks Bare Fingering weight silk and merino, the other in the same Superwash Merino, this time dyed, purple, probably. But the Lady only knows when those will get started.)
O.K., now that I've scared myself, I think I'll stop......