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Monday, January 12, 2009

Oh, And Did I Mention?.....

...that I finished cleaning out the sewing room? No? Well, I did.

Over four months ago. And I'm only now posting? How did that happen?

I'm not quite sure. I was determined to get the sewing room cleaned out before my daughter went back to school BUT I also wanted it to be early enough so my husband could get his stuff moved out of her room and into The Secret Lair, as we are now calling it. So, late in August, I took time off work and set to it. (I have a vague memory that I was ill, too, but that may just be from being sick at Christmas and remembering just how exhausted I was when I finished cleaning out the room.) I managed to pack the last boxes I took from the sewing room into every nook and cranny of the house: in the garage, under the bed, under the bedside table, stacked in my closet, behind the couch in the living room, even stacked on a dolly in the one remaining spot in the storage unit. Still have not found a place for my two dress forms, nor a storage spot for my sewing machine and serger, nor for my tool box; those all still live in the middle of our bedroom floor. However, the point was that I was able to clean everything that the Hubster was not using (I left him a book shelf, a TV and VCR, a table and a trash can, all at his request; I had intended to dump or donate them.) out of the room, and vacuum the floor, the walls, the louvered doors to the laundry room, and the window, window sill, and vertical blinds. Them as has visited the former sewing room, even in its best days, would be astonished by this feat.

And the Hubster, Lady bless him, stepped up to the plate: he moved all of his stuff out of Sam's room before school started, despite having Sam available to help him, and me being back at work. We even managed to get all of her furniture re-arranged, and the new furniture bought, though I admit she didn't get the desk until just after school started. I was so happy! I really wanted her to have her own space, and she's been much more interested in having things neat and clean, now that that's more doable.

The bad news is, of course, that it is extremely hard to sew, now. I managed to make a camp shirt for my BIL, and the nightshirts for Sam and my mom and me, but at the cost of having the dining room table laid waste to for several days. Got to find a better way to do things.

And in better news, the closet in Sam's bedroom that did not get cleaned out earlier got (mostly) cleaned out this weekend! Sam was able to hang all her clothes, even some of her costumes, in the closet, as well as storing boxes of toys in there. She was so happy! The only thing left is the shelves at the top of the closet, on which I would like to keep her linens; Bruce still needs to organize stuff in his Lair to find space for the stuff still on the shelves. But it's such a big improvement!

So, there you have it folks! One huge task, that has been hanging over my head for literally years, and when I finally complete it, it drops off the radar so fast, I forget to even post about it. Weird, I tell you.

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