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Friday, December 26, 2008

Post-Christmas Notes

Just a few things I'll want to remember either next Christmas or at some other point:

Nightgowns: Until/unless Samantha goes through a HUGE growth spurt, I really only need 5 yards of stretch velour for the nightgowns. Really. Honest. However, it would be good to remember that I need two small spools of Gutterman thread and two large spools (one for the sewing machine, one on the far right spindle on the serger). Ask me how I know (the Monster Joanne's on Christmas eve shudder). And two bobbins works fine. Also, double-check Sam's neckline; dark green one is too big, but aqua one is a bit small. Last technical point, they really don't need to be that long; remeasure, so they don't come down below the knees.

Remember that, even with serger hassles, it only takes 2 hours to make one of the nightshirts, from cutting out through final hem. So, next year, make a weekend of it; shop, buy and wash on Saturday, then take 6 or fewer hours on Sunday and just FINISH THEM!

The Muppet: it makes absolutely no sense to leave live stitches on the underarms for later grafting if one is working with fun fur. Just bind the suckers off and sew the seams. Much less of a headache. Also, remember to allow more ease in the body; putting the buttons right on the edge helped some, but not enough.

And, in general, having margin in the schedule is a good thing. This horrific flu threw the schedule all to hell-and-gone; if I'd been beforehand, I could have slept, instead of staggering through the remaining tasks.

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