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Monday, December 15, 2008


Why am I sitting here blogging when there are so many Christmas presents waiting to be done? I suspect for most crafters, that question answers itself.....

I have come to terms with the fact that not everything will be done in time for Christmas. These include, in no particular order:

1) Cookie A's German stockings for a friend.

2) & 3) the other two pair of Cookie A German stockings that I was asked for, when I showed two other friends the pattern.

4) the slippers for my sister who felted the first pair. (Well, I actually felted them, but she further felted them, so that they no longer fit.)

5) the slippers for my brother-in-law, her husband. He did NOT felt his further, but wears them all the time and would like a second pair to wear in bed (the others are always too dirty from being walked in).

6) socks for my mom

7) a scarf for my brother, in his team's colors. (This won't get done partly because I'm not liking how the colorway and the pattern are playing with each other. I've tried a second pattern, but don't like that much better. May have to use this yarn for something else, and buy separate skeins of the colors and do something completely different for this present.)

8) the blasted sweater-coat from 20 years ago that I swore I would finish this year. I made a valiant effort, but ran out of the (20 year old) yarn, with about 10" left on the fronts. I was so close! Of course, they don't make the yarn anymore, and the yarn they suggested isn't nearly close enough. Have been cogitating on several possible solutions.....

This does not mean, dear reader, that I have been idle, nor that I have given up entirely! Far from it! I have all but finished my daughter's Christmas sweater, for which she picked out the yarns and colors and buttons. I have only to seam the armscyes at the bottom (knitted it as much as I could w/o seams), attach the buttons, and weave in the ends, so that will definitely get done. Also, Barbie's Christmas dress will be finished (it's a freaking tube, half of which is knitted flat, and two sleeves) and two tea cozies (both specifically requested) will be designed and finished. And the night shirts for at least my mom and my daughter will be done, though the Lady only knows if mine will be.

One thing that might end up on either list is a sweater for my daughter's AG doll, to match the one I made for her. We'll see how that goes.

Really need to get some pix taken......

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