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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Few Pix and A Few Updates

Finally got a few pix of The Muppet, though it doesn't photograph all that well. Here are the sleeves, in progress:

And the (all but) finished project:

Very simple garter stitch pattern, with the sleeves knit in the round to the armpits, and the front and back knit as one piece to the pits. The whole thing was then knit as one piece from there up, including the the little Peter Pan collar (which you really can't see in the photo). Should make finishing it a snap, though the first few inches after the armscyes is a PITA to work. (Using the "two circulars" method, as if knitting in the round, with the fronts to the middle of each sleeve on one needle and the rest on the other, seems to work best.) Sam picked out somewhat expensive buttons, but she was absolutely right, they are the only ones that could stand up to the rest of the jacket. The kid has a fine sense of style/taste.

The idea came from this coat I knitted for her Barbie; Sam liked it so much, she wanted one for herself. (I'm leaning towards wanting one, myself! So soft and fluffy!) I made up the pattern and if I had to do it over again, I would make the body a little bigger around. I also did not make it full length, as Barbie's is, so I might make it a little longer next time, too.

Forgot to mention in my most recent post that I also have two camp shirts to make before Christmas. And in the interim, I have a good start on the first draft of a silly tea cozy. Thought I'd be finished with it by now, but.....

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