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Friday, January 12, 2007

Bobble Scarf


7 oz. worsted weight yarn
set of size 7 (US) dp needles
yarn needle
polyfil pillow stuffing


not really important, but I think it’s about 20 sts k5, p5 rib=3”


kf&b: knit in front and back of stitch
psso k st: pass slip stitch over knit stitch
k3tog: knit three stitches together


cast on 10 sts, leaving a long tail; join and work in the round, being careful not to twist the sts

Round 1: kf&b around (20 sts)
Rounds 2-11: k
Round 12: (sl 1, k3tog, psso k st) around (5 sts)

Place all sts on one dp needle and continue these 5 sts in I-cord (or this) until cord measures 5”; break yarn, and leave live sts on st holder or single-point needle.

repeat, making second I-cord 3” long, and transferring live sts to same holder or needle.

repeat, making 3 of the long cord bobbles, and 2 of the short ones. Do not break yarn on last long bobble.


knit across the 5 sts of last long bobble; cast on 5 sts; knit across 5 sts of a short bobble; cast on 5 sts. Repeat with remaining bobbles, alternating short and long bobbles and ending with final long bobble. (45 sts)

Row 1(WS): (p5, k5) 4 times, p5
Row 2(RS): (k5, p5) 4 times, k5

Repeat rows 1 and 2 until scarf measures half the desired length, approx. 24” (not including bobbles). Leave live sts on holder.

Repeat making bobbles and scarf for second half of scarf.


Graft two halves together.

Stuff a small amount of fiber fill into each bobble, then thread the tail through the cast on stitches, cinch tight and secure. Weave in ends.

Alternate method:

Grafting the two halves together is a pain in the patootie, since you have to go from grafting knit stitches to grafting purl stitches and back again. An easier method might be to knit the bobbles, knit the whole scarf, knit the second set of bobbles, then only graft the bobbles on, binding off the purl stitches. Or, if you were worried about running out of yarn, you could make both sets of bobbles, then knit the scarf until you reached the desired length, or ran out of yarn, whichever came first, then graft the bobbles on.

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