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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Feral Projects

Did you ever have a project go feral on you? Something that should have been easy, basic, simple goes wrong in multiple bizarre ways? Teo's jeans are like that.

First, I'm terribly afraid they will be way too big. Better than too small, it is true, as he will only get bigger, but I had hoped the would fit reasonably well. We'll see, once they are washed and shrunk.

Second, I bought the suggested 3 skeins of yarn (plus one of contrast), and ran out of yarn with only about an inch and a half of one side left. Annoying, but I was doing an order anyway (since I had also run out of yarn for the pumpkins) I just ordered what I thought was the right color. Of course, it wasn't, but the reason I thought it was was because they don't have any of the color I need, nor do they know when they will be getting some. Have a message in to a fellow Ravelrian who appears to have the same color in her stash (and lives in the same state as me!) to see if she'd be willing to trade/sell/barter/whatever. There are several folks in Ravelery who appear to have the right color of this yarn in their stashes, plus the Elann site has a swap section, so I should be able to get some. However, the part that I need to finish will not be seen (it's the inside of the waistband) so I'm not sure it's worth all the fuss. We'll see what comes up. Drat it all! I wanted to finish it soon, even though it's for Christmas. Besides that, I didn't realize the whole color thang until I was already at the gym AND I forgot to load my latest recorded book onto my Nano, so I had NOTHING TO DO on the treadmill this morning!!!! Darn near died of boredom. Harumph.