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Thursday, August 23, 2007


I have FINALLY made some progress on mothballing my sewing room!

I know; this is not something that most crafters are actually excited about doing, but for me, it's a big deal.

For a lot of personal reasons, this is what needs to be done at this time, but I have been, understandably, I think, dragging my feet on it. Over a year ago, I rented a storage unit and started moving boxes of fabric into it. The idea was that I would take everything off of one of the 5 free-standing metal racks that are/were in the sewing room, dismantle the rack, tote everything to the storage unit, rebuild the shelving unit, and re-stack everything on it. In the end, I hope to end up with a nook in the main part of the house (the current sewing room is off the garage) where I could store essentials: notions, patterns, corset hardware, fabric and trimmings, as well as either my costume shoes or my hats, or possibly some of each, depending on how things fit into the space.

I hit the first snag when I had emptied the sewing room of everything that was not on the racks or in drawers, which, unfortunately, filled a large part of the storage space. I really wanted to have access to what was in storage, but I was kind of stuck. Finally, a friend (thanks, Trina!) suggested that I needed to buy more racks, and set these up in the storage space, so that I could leave two or three of the other racks at home, for use in the eventual nook. That enabled me to do another spurt of moving, and I even managed to clear off one of the old racks, move it and reload it, but then I got stuck again. I couldn't seem to clear off any of the three remaining old racks, so I could dismantle it. But this weekend, I finally got the last rack that had to be moved into storage cleared off, broken down, transported, re-assembled, and refilled, DESPITE getting to the storage place after the office had closed and so having to move all the pieces of the rack on a rickety luggage carrier, instead of their flatbed cart. I was on a roll! I would not be defeated! Even by the idiots who pulled the stop button on the elevator! (Who knew that pulling that wouldn't sound an alarm?)

Anyway, I'm hoping that I'm now on the home stretch for this. There is still a lot of work to be done (a LOT (shudder)) but I'm hoping that I can get this done soon, since the only time I can really work on it is on Sundays and football season starts soon!