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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Summer Work

O.K., got some pics and finally found the cord to download them, so let's recap What I Did On My Summer (non-)Vacation:

First up, I have to confess something: I have a side business making corsets. I have no plans to quit my day job, as I couldn't afford the cut in pay, and I really wouldn't want to do it all the time (despite what I said in my last post), but it brings in pin money and makes it possible to go to cons and such. I rarely remember to take pics of them before I hand them over to the folks who sell them, but managed to get some of them this time:

That's silver satin trimmed with white; cafe-au-lait heavy taffeta trimmed in cream; grass-green slubby silk trimmed in white; and pale blue satin trimmed in cream. There were three more delivered before that, but can't remember the fabrics or colors (will update later). And I still have one in black satin trimmed in black and red that needs about 45 min. more work done on it. Should get that done tonight or tomorrow, and deliver it tomorrow evening. (There's a small costuming conference in LA this weekend, Costume College, which has as it's theme this year the Civil War Era, so I'm desperate to get as many of my corsets there as possible, as it is exactly the sort of folk who are interested in them.)

In addition, I've got one more tea cozy done:

I'm pleased with how it came out; the fabric is very thick, and I'm thinking of adapting it to make hot pads. Got the pattern here, but have made some modifications to it.

What else?.... I've made some progress on Sam's poncho, but have gotten to the point where a) it's pretty awkward to work on, unless I'm sitting down, and b) I'm putting in a row of kitties, so I have to read a chart, which means I have to pay attention, which means it's going slower. Hope to get the kitties done fairly quickly, so I can go back to the mindless stockinette-in-the-round. (No pic, yet.)

Made a little progress on the Barbie stuff, but have been concentrating on corsets this month. Should be able to get back to the original Material Girl, now.

Oh, and have turned the heel on the Mash-up Madness socks. They seem a little tight over the instep, despite the fact that I picked up double the number of stitches recommended. It's O.K. once you put it on, but it is hard to pull them over your heel. Oh, well. (Again, no pic, yet.)

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