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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

In for Round 2!

I made it to the next round of Sock Madness! Have even left a taunting note (well, a note, at least) on the blog of my Round 2 opponent. Can't wait for the next pattern!

Well, actually, I CAN wait; I stressed out a bit this weekend about this game; here's hoping they wait until next weekend (March 24th) to release the next pattern! I could use the break. Also, it would be nice if my Knit Picks order would get here--I fudged the first pair; not sure I can do it again, as I don't have that large a selection of sock yarn.

On another note, I had been hoping to submit a few patterns I have for conseration of publication at However, I just read the guidelines, and by posting my patterns here, I have made them inelegible for publication at Knitty; bummer! I understand why they have that rule, but I'm sad that my wish to share with others may have cost me publication at Knitty. I do have several other ideas in the works, though; had meant to blog about them, but will now have to keep my mouth shut. Not an easy task!

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