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Friday, March 16, 2007

Footie Stuff

It is entirely possible that I'm just a weeeeeeeee bit more competitive than I thought. (I know, you're shocked.)

Seriously, Sock Madness has really brought it out in me. Somehow, knowing the socks would have to be mailed made Sock Wars a little less frantic. In this game, there is no time for anything--I didn't wash a dish this weekend, nor any laundry. I only cooked because I had to, and let my daughter watch videos, which I ordinarily don't do. I was a woman obsessed/possessed; it was kinda freaky. But it was fun, too, and I'm really glad I made it to the next round. Doubt I will make it much farther, given how fast YarnMagnet (my opponent in the next round) finished her first pair, but will still probably knit along with everyone else. I mean, I bought the yarn already, wouldn't want it to go to waste......

In the meantime, I've FINALLY finished the felted slippers for my sister and brother-in-law! I should be able to mail them off today; have before and after pics, this time, and will soon post them, along with my review of the pattern.

So, I just need to finish the cable socks for my mom before Easter. Almost to the heel on the second sock, so should be fine, since Round 2 of Sock Madness won't start this weekend. It sounds as if they've made a good compromise between wanting to move the game along, and giving folks time to recover from one round before starting another.

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