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Friday, April 18, 2008

Geeky Crafter or Crafty Geek: You Decide

O.K., to quote Hailey Mills in the Parent Trap, I've had "a scathingly brilliant idea" (in more ways than one). Let me tell you about it.

While I grew out of the little girl stage where I loved unicorns and rainbows, I have always loved the color progression of rainbows, and have often included it in my knitting. However, it has been increasingly hard over the years to find washable, affordable, soft yarn in the requisite colors. In fact, I was recently reduced to dying my own to make the rainbow-striped leg warmers that my step-great-niece asked for as a Christmas present. Since the dying was not entirely successful, I was whinging about it to myself last night, when I had a thought: once I get the final color dyed, I could dye up sets of yarns to sell that had all the appropriate colors! If I got it down to a science, I could just buy lots of different weights of yarn, and dye them up the way I did for the legwarmers, especially now that I know how it's done. I might even do kits, or self-striping sock yarn, or.....

And the "scathingly brilliant" part? I was trying to come up with a name that conveyed the idea without sounding too sappy or cutesy, when it finally hit me: Roy G. Biv Yarns.