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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Tassle directions

Made these as Christmas gifts for my sewing circle one year, each in their own signature colors. Since I couldn't know in advance how many they might need, I made each one 5 or 7 (it's been a while; just remember that it was an odd number), but also included both these directions and the color number of the embroidery floss that I used, in case they needed to make more. One woman needed more, and her mathemetician-husband made them from these directions, and complimented me on their clarity. *blush*

1- Cut one 16” piece and one 8” piece off the skein of embroidery floss
2- Wrap remainder of skein around an audio cassette box, the short way
3- Cut the floss along one side of the cassette box
4- Tie strands together at the center with the 8” strand (use either a square knot or a slip knot)
5- Fold strands in half, moving the tie-together strand, if necessary, to get the two sets of strands even in length
6- Fold 16” strand in half, wrap it around the tassel about half an inch below the tie-together strand, slip the two ends of the 16” strand through the fold in its middle, and cinch tight
7- Wrap the two strands of the 16” strand around the tassel, making sure to cover the lump where the ends go through the loop on the wind-around strand
8- Slip the end of the two strands under the last wind-around, leaving about a 1” tail
9- Slip a large-eyed needle under the winding threads, thread the wind-around tail through the needle, and pull the tail down into the center of the tassel
10- Trim tassel so all strands are the same length