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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Knitted Baby Blanket

size 10, 29 " circular needle
6 skeins (4 oz. skeins) of 4-ply knitting yarn

Cast on 187 stitches; knit 5 rows.

Start pattern:
Row 1&3: *K2tog,k3,yo,k1,yo,k3,k2tog; repeat from * to end of row
Row 2: knit
Row 4: purl

Repeat pattern 50 times. Finish blanket with 5 rows knitted, then cast off.

possible color patterns:

• one stripe of each of six colors (each stripe 9 repeats wide)
• stripes 5 repeats wide and run through six colors twice (takes a little more yarn, as blanket will be slightly longer)
• stripes 3 repeats wide and run through the colors three times
• 3-repeat stripes in each of three colors, then repeat that whole thing 6 times
• 5-repeat stripes, in each of six colors, then reverse the color order in the middle (don’t double middle stripe; blanket will be slightly shorter)
• 3-repeat stripes, colors A,B,C; pattern: ABC,BAC,ABC,BAC,ABC,BA (blanket will be slightly shorter)
• 3 4-repeat-stripes (A,B,C), 3 3-repeat-stripes (A,B,C), 5 2-repeat-stripes (A,B,C,B,A), 3 3-repeat-stripes (C,B,A), 3 4-repeat-stripes (C,B,A) (blanket will be slightly shorter)

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