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Monday, April 05, 2010

Of Socks and Games and Other Things Yarny

Sock Madness has started and I have once again made it to Round 3, woot!  First two rounds weren't my favorite socks, but they're done:

Simple Side-to-Side Socks
Sock Madness 4, Round 1
Knitted with Love Baby Og Hosegarn gotten in a swap, on size 0 needles. This pattern involved a LOT of grafting, which I didn't mind all that much, and a LOT of picking up of stitches, which I found I really didn't like. I've been wanting to do a sideways sock, though, and I'm glad I've done one, so I know what I like and what I don't.

Cool Beans
Sock Madness 4, Round 2 final
Done with Knit Picks Harmony dpns in size 1; yarns are Elann Baby Silk (black) and Bernat Sox in Crazy Hot (variegated) I'm always up for colorwork, particularly after perfecting my two-stranded throwing technique that I developed during the colorwork pattern from last year's Sock Madness, so I didn't mind that aspect of this pattern. However, the gusset was much too large for my foot, even though I was spot-on for gauge, so I will either have to frog these to the start of the gusset and knit again, or just give them away. Leaning towards the latter.

Frankly, wasn't really happy with either of these patterns, though in both cases the pattern problems were exacerbated by things that I did (on the first socks, I picked up the stitches funny for the cuff; on the second set, I went overboard on trying to make sure they weren't too tight (used larger needles AND knitted them inside out AND loosened the tension) without realizing that there was a fourth variable having an effect: the contrast color yarn (the variegated), thought nominally the same weight at the black, was markedly thicker). All in all, since the first socks were too small and the second socks were to big, I'm hoping the third set will be Just Right(tm)......

Also, now have three new designs that I am working up for next year's game; the only hints I'll give are: shadow knitting, buttons and why?

In addition to the above-mentioned socks, I have made some good progress on some projects in the recent past: finished a baby blanket for my nephew and niece-in-law, who are expecting their first baby in early May; an adjusted version of Everlasting Bagstopper for a charity auction; baby surprise jacket for a former co-worker; quite a few bow-tie scarves; almost finished with Barbie's My Fair Lady Flower Girl outfit. In addition, I have done some work on the eternally-in-progress tablecloth (one corner is done, one more is probably 35%); dyed up some yarn with left-over Easter egg dye, 
Easter Egg yarn
which my daughter has claimed for socks for her; finished my brother-in-law's camp shirt (ya know, the one that should have been done for Christmas?); acquired many pieces for a villain costume needed for July; made the hoop, carrying bag, shoe and cosmetic bags and bum roll for a friend's Christmas/birthday present.

So what is still on the agenda? Hubster's camp shirt; one part of one villain costume, and prototype and actual costume (including headpiece and staff) for another; ruffled Victorian petticoat (to go with above-mentioned hoop, etc.; and which, unfortunately, has gone feral); transfer the drawing of a truck to the iron-on sheets, then iron them on to two sweatshirts; Chris' German Stockings; my Muppet. Previously unanticipated projects include DD's new socks; several more sweaters like my Fibinachi Tubey (hmm, thought I had a pic of that one, but don't seem to); another Barbie dress. And, frankly, I didn't expect to have made it to Round 3 of SM, so didn't really think I'd be knitting under the gun again for a while. Who knew? And what I really want to be doing is test-knitting my three new sock designs.....